Totlazo Tonantzin | Virgen de Guadalupe

Tonantzin | Virgen de Guadalupe

“Now that the Church of Our Lady of Guadalupe has been built there, they call her Tonantzin too,the term refers to that ancient Tonantzin and this state of affairs should be remedied, because the proper name of the Mother of God is not Tonantzin, but Dios.

It seems to be a satanic device to mask idolatry and they come from far away to visit that Tonantzin, as much as before; a devotion which is also suspect because there are many churches of Our Lady everywhere and they do not go to them; and they come from faraway lands to this Tonantzin as of old.”

( Bernardino de Sahagun, Historia general de las cosas de nueva espana I, lib 6)

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  • Elias Sernaztlan

    That’s a firme point, and tragic and comical Sahagun statement, thinking he was going to undermine Mexica pilgrimage. Yes many Mexicanos see her as some amalgamation of Spanish and indigenous deity, but the pilgrimage was never defeated. I read about this in The Archive and the Repertoire, and did my own research into my family, finding that my mom’s father from San Rafael, San Luis Potosi, Pame-Otomi territory in central Mex, was very involved in organizing the peregrines/ pilgrimage participants (getting folks on busses) to go to Mexico City in the 50’s … this story tied me to these ancient pilgrimages which were NOT Spanish, in fact went against the Spanish invasion … what I’m also saying is that the Tonantzin-Cuatlalopeuh-Guadalupe story is also an important place to find your indigenous roots…. our indigenous roots …