Huehueteotl | Mexica
July 29, 2013

Enjoy Your New Sun | Huehueteotl Poem

Hue=grand; Huehue= grand-ancient ; Huehueteotl= grand-ancient-original “god-energy-creation-flow” ; Huehuetl= the heartbeat; “drum”; The heart is the fire and the fire is the heart, Heaaartbeat, Youuu make me feel- so weak Heaaartbeat, Youuu make me feel- so weak Speak to the Hearts Let the Firez be lit Enjoy Your New Sun!
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Toltec Mexica Prayer
February 8, 2013

Tolteca Prayer for Beginners

Prayer is the backbone of Indigenous ways. Anyone who says otherwise is full of it. The people have lost faith in their Grand Creator, traditions, and the medicine ways of their ancestors. Indigenous people as a collective have fell for the colonizers cheap spell that Native ways and medicines are superstitious and backwards. Some may...
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Toltec Poem | Quimichipilli
December 14, 2012

.. again

  Abyss of Loneliness I sit here with you.. again, with my Tears that I only partially comprehend with your Air of Divine Self-discovery that I really do appreciate but,  why am I here.. again? Never saw it coming, you’re pretty slick. My reckless love style makes me easy to catch huh? I’ve been stuck...
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August 9, 2012

Mexica Identity

Mexica — as used on this site Mexica pronounced (meh-shee-ka) is a broad term used on here to refer the collective of Mexican area Indigenous peoples of which there are many.  Most people who claim Mexica today cannot actually claim that exact lineage. More accurately we compromised of numerous Indigenous nations within Mexico (“Meso-America.”) Descendants of the P’urhepecha,...
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