nican tlaca
Nican Tlaca

Nican Tlaca – What does it mean?

Nican Tlaca Nican Tlaca is a Nahuatl (Mexica, Aztec, etc.) term used to refer to “the (indigenous) people” in their relation to the foreign invaders (Spanish/Christians.) From my understanding, while it has been documented as being used at least since the 1500’s, it was made popular in recent times by the organization Mexica Movement with the intention of creating...
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Toltec Mexica Prayer

Tolteca Prayer for Beginners

Prayer is the backbone of Indigenous ways. Anyone who says otherwise is full of it. The people have lost faith in their Grand Creator, traditions, and the medicine ways of their ancestors. Indigenous people as a collective have fell for the colonizers cheap spell that Native ways and medicines are superstitious and backwards. Some may...
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Mexica Spirituality

Mexica Prayer & Spirituality

The word “Prayer” and how it will be used on this site:  ‘Prayer’ : An act of giving one’s attention (energy) to a focus for an intention while holding the awareness that one is connected to the  Flow of  “All Life,” Creation, Universe etc. Intentions such as an expressions of gratitude, requests for clarity, manifestation of...
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