Basica Nahuatl pt. 2
October 19, 2016

(More) Basic Nahuatl Phrases (pt.2)

What is your name? Tle motoca?/Quen motoca? My name is … Notoca … Do you speak Nahuatl? Titlahtoa nahuatl? Where am I Canin nicah? What do you want? Tle ticnequi? Where are you going? Campa in timohuica? What is going on? Tlein pano? What time is it? Tlein imanin? What do you need? Tlein motech...
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Nican Tlaca
August 27, 2015

Nican Tlaca – What does it mean?

Nican Tlaca Nican Tlaca is a Nahuatl (Mexica, Aztec, etc.) term used to refer to “the (indigenous) people” in their relation to the foreign invaders (Spanish/Christians.) From my understanding, while it has been documented as being used at least since the 1500’s, it was made popular in recent times by the organization Mexica Movement with the intention of creating...
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Mexica Tiahui
August 17, 2015

Mexica Tiahui – What does it mean?

Mexica Tiahui! I’ve always known the spirited sentiment to mean “Mexican (Indigenous) Moving/Go Forward!” It is used as a positive exclamation mostly by Chicanah (Chican@) people in the United States who are using “Mexica” as an identity point in reclaiming their Indigenous self. From my Nahuatl dictionary research, Tiahui is a form of the the...
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Mexica Poetry 1
November 9, 2014

I Even Shake the Devils Hand (Poem)

The medicine I carry is divine & infectious, I even shake the Devil’s hand. Teotihuacan At One with Cr8r God energy blanket waterfalls, Crowns me iridescent plumage & jades. Few can see this, I mind it none. Indulgers of darkness scurry like roaches at the light of new dawn. I am here now, Allow me...
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Mexica | Aztec Prayer for Alignment
March 6, 2014

Prayer for Alignment & Wholeness

You know sometimes Life getz a lil Hectic and uh, Hater Energies can cheap shot from all around, So..um We Gonna Do It Like This..   Tlazocamati Hue Yokoyani (Grand Creator) Creator Mother, Creator Father Tlazocamati Ancestors, Relatives near and far. Tlazocamati for all our blessings. It is true that we are beautiful beings, Each...
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Nahuatl Names | How to Get
January 14, 2014

Nahuatl Names

Being patient, involving ceremony, and self-reflection is key to discovering a proper Nahuatl name. When you are searching for an Indigenous name it is very important to become educated on the language, history, and pronunciations as much as possible. I know one can get very excited as they uncover their Indigenous self, and as such...
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aztec calendar
January 1, 2014

Mexica Perspective on Gregorian New Years

Just clear things up, I don’t mean to disrespect anyone celebrating today as their new year. And if you wish me a Happy New Year , I happily accept the well wishes. But just so yall understand, I promote the superiority of Indigenous Calendars not to be a cultural (or in this case Calendrical) elitist...
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