Zapata Mexica Indigenous
July 30, 2013

Method for Dealing with Organizational Problems | Zapatista Philosophy

I don’t know who the original  author(s) of this Zapatista Theory document are  but it is a very educational read for anybody.  I received it as part of a flyer so I’m not sure where it sourced from exactly but..Enjoy. – Quimich As we have stated before, the five sources of Zapatista theory are: political...
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June 2, 2013

Feminine Dimension of Water | Chalchiuhtlique

The following is an excerpt from John Mini’s “The Aztec Virgin.” It gives a brief but beautiful insight on the feminine aspects of water.  As with all the “Gods”, Deities, Energies, or whatever word one wants to use, the myriad faces of Creation’s manifestations are very poetic and profound. John Mini’s books are a great...
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