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Just clear things up, I don’t mean to disrespect anyone celebrating today as their new year. And if you wish me a Happy New Year , I happily accept the well wishes. But just so yall understand, I promote the superiority of Indigenous Calendars not to be a cultural (or in this case Calendrical) elitist but do so for practical reasons.

The Gregorian calendar was made with ego and political power, control, and profit in mind. Just read the Wikipedia on it for a general overview.  Also, think about this: 1) starting a new year in the middle of winter? 2) 13 moons but 12 months. 3) All this flipping around of leap years..arggh, gtfo with that shieehh.

Juxtapose that with Indigenous Calendars which follow Celestial and Earth patterns. They are based on Cosmic & Earthly Nature, not money, power, or profit. Most Indigenous societies recognize the Spring or Celestial movements around that time as a new year (revolution around the sun). It is when Nature, of which human beings are under direct influence, wakes up from it’s winter slumber of rest, reflection, and regeneration. Also, there is no need for leap years because the year starts at different sun intervals every  solar revolution.

During the initiation of the colonization of  Turtle Island (North America) there have been different fronts to the war against us  Indigenous people and our culture.  Roughly listed they include

  • Genocide
  • Erasing of  correct identities (Purhepecha, Maya, Apache, etc.)  to false ones (Latino/Hispanic/Mestizo)
  • Destruction of our Education Establishments such as our codice  libraries and universities.
  • Prohibiting us from our spiritual traditions and forcing the European version of Christianity on us
  • And lastly, the subversion of our Rhythm to Nature by forcing their “calendar system” on us.

So my promoting of Indigenous calendars has very little to do with ego or elitism. Some of us are blessed to know the power and health benefits of our Ancestor’s wisdom of staying in sync with the Rhythm of Life via our Calendar system.  We understand the importance and joy of staying in tune with the great song of the universe, not just for us as individuals but for our families, communities, and nations as well.

It is up to Those Who Know to take our Calendars more seriously and promote their use. We need to get ourselves and our communities back on that Rhythm of Life  which is our natural flow anyway.

We need it, the world needs it.


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Quimichipilli is a fifth generation Chicanah hailing from Venice, CA. He's a former graffiti artist turned Web & Graphic Designer, promoting Ndgns Values and positive community culture. You can find him on and Twitter.
  • Xitlale

    I have asked this question for some time now? What am I? I worn in Mexico, Morelia Michoacán, I know I’m mix with some French and German. How ever, every time I must fill in my race on a document I leave it blank

  • george gurrola

    if possible select native american, In Mochoacan, the Purepecha people dominated the area…

  • Kuetzpalin

    Well said and this mentality is much needed to get more of our people in tune with there highest potential the calendars physically measured time and spiritually measured possibilities our ancestors left us a great gift , that were still unwrapping .check out 8 calendars of the maya by hunbatz men just the understanding of the numbers he gives is insightful and how we should be in tune with 13 not 12 .ometeotl

  • Jeremy

    Been keeping an eye on the long-count calendar since 1994, when I attended a really beautiful ceremony in San Francisco. These days I can easily check my calendar app every day, and not have to order a new one every 260 days…how great is that?