Mexica Four Directions – Basics

Mexica Four Directions | Medicine Wheel

Mexica Aztec 4 Directions



Nahuatl name: Tlahuizlampa: Direction of Light/Illumination
Deity: Xipe Totec   Element: Fire
Color: Red  Season: Spring
 Direction of Male Principles/Energies
 Beginnings, Seeds of Creation


Nahuatl name: Huitzlampa
Deity: Huitzilopochtli  Element: Water
Color: Blue  Season: Summer
• Direction of the Children/Youth
• Renewal, Cleansing, Perseverance, “Warriorness”


 Nahuatl name: Cihuatlampa: Direction of the Women
Deity: Quetzalcoatl  Element: Earth
Color: White  Season: Fall/Autumn
• Direction of the Female Principles/Energies
• Intuitiveness, Materialization, Mystery/Unknown


Nahuatl name: Mictlampa: Place of Rest, Transformation
Deity: Tezcatlipoca  Element: Wind
Color: Black  Season: Winter
• Direction of the Elders/Ancestors/Spirit World
• Wisdom, Reflection, Communication

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