Mexica Four Directions – Basics

Mexica Four Directions | Medicine Wheel

Mexica Aztec 4 Directions



Nahuatl name: Tlahuizlampa: Direction of Light/Illumination
Deity: Xipe Totec   Element: Fire
Color: Red  Season: Spring
 Direction of Male Principles/Energies
 Beginnings, Seeds of Creation


Nahuatl name: Huitzlampa
Deity: Huitzilopochtli  Element: Water
Color: Blue  Season: Summer
• Direction of the Children/Youth
• Renewal, Cleansing, Perseverance, “Warriorness”


 Nahuatl name: Cihuatlampa: Direction of the Women
Deity: Quetzalcoatl  Element: Earth
Color: White  Season: Fall/Autumn
• Direction of the Female Principles/Energies
• Intuitiveness, Materialization, Mystery/Unknown


Nahuatl name: Mictlampa: Place of Rest, Transformation
Deity: Tezcatlipoca  Element: Wind
Color: Black  Season: Winter
• Direction of the Elders/Ancestors/Spirit World
• Wisdom, Reflection, Communication

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  • Yaokuauhtl

    Keep it coming brother. Great work

  • Tlazocamatic icniuh..appreciate the love.

  • Abowl

    Niltze noiknu. Sending you much appreciation for putting the info out. I have a question regarding the directions, you have the west representing the element of the earth and the north the element of the wind. It would seem that the west would carry the element of the wind since this is the region of KetzalKoatl, the wind it self and the bearer of the breath of life. To the north this region belongs to Tezkatlipoka and in the Tonalmachiotl aka Aztek calendar, Tepeyolotli which represents the earth sit in this region to the north. Please give me clarity tlamatinime. Tlazokamati