Mexica Poetry 1
November 9, 2014

I Even Shake the Devils Hand (Poem)

The medicine I carry is divine & infectious, I even shake the Devil’s hand. Teotihuacan At One with Cr8r God energy blanket waterfalls, Crowns me iridescent plumage & jades. Few can see this, I mind it none. Indulgers of darkness scurry like roaches at the light of new dawn. I am here now, Allow me...
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Huehueteotl | Mexica
July 29, 2013

Enjoy Your New Sun | Huehueteotl Poem

Hue=grand; Huehue= grand-ancient ; Huehueteotl= grand-ancient-original “god-energy-creation-flow” ; Huehuetl= the heartbeat; “drum”; The heart is the fire and the fire is the heart, Heaaartbeat, Youuu make me feel- so weak Heaaartbeat, Youuu make me feel- so weak Speak to the Hearts Let the Firez be lit Enjoy Your New Sun!
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Toltec Poem | Quimichipilli
December 14, 2012

.. again

  Abyss of Loneliness I sit here with you.. again, with my Tears that I only partially comprehend with your Air of Divine Self-discovery that I really do appreciate but,  why am I here.. again? Never saw it coming, you’re pretty slick. My reckless love style makes me easy to catch huh? I’ve been stuck...
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