Junipero Serra Not Latino
May 29, 2015

Junipero Serra is not “Hispanic ”

The Catholic Church resorts to desperate  shenanigans in attempt to garner “Latino” support  to defend the canonization of Junipero Serra and save dwindling church membership. Let’s get this straight. In the sense that the Church and it’s media cohorts are trying to imply, Junipero Serra is not “Hispanic” , nor is Pope Francis the “First...
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aztec calendar
January 1, 2014

Mexica Perspective on Gregorian New Years

Just clear things up, I don’t mean to disrespect anyone celebrating today as their new year. And if you wish me a Happy New Year , I happily accept the well wishes. But just so yall understand, I promote the superiority of Indigenous Calendars not to be a cultural (or in this case Calendrical) elitist...
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Zapata Mexica Indigenous
July 30, 2013

Method for Dealing with Organizational Problems | Zapatista Philosophy

I don’t know who the original  author(s) of this Zapatista Theory document are  but it is a very educational read for anybody.  I received it as part of a flyer so I’m not sure where it sourced from exactly but..Enjoy. – Quimich As we have stated before, the five sources of Zapatista theory are: political...
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Indigenous Leadership Mexica
July 29, 2013

Reflection on Organizational Leadership, Ego, and Humbleness

Leadership is a very serious matter. I look back at the organizations I’ve been a part of and  have realized how Ego, Status seeking, and the lack of impeccability with the basic tenets of our Traditional Teachings have hindered our movement and unity. I consider myself a pretty skillful person but often wonder what could...
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aztec calendar
February 6, 2013

Regaining Our Harmony Through the Tonalpohualli

Regaining Our Harmony Through the Tonalpohualli by Luis R. Pesia A subject that in my experience in Chicano Studies, or other areas where our ancestral culture is discussed, that is touched upon but never really understood is the count of the daily solar energies, or Tonalpohualli in Nahuatl. The Tonalpohualli is understanding the science of...
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Aztec Mayan Judging
July 31, 2012

Judging & Acknowledging are Two Different Things

“Don’t judge me.” “I’m sorry I didn’t mean to judge you.” “It’s not right to judge others.” I hear the term “Judging” used a lot in sentiments similar to the above.  In this usage of the word I feel it mostly misused and misunderstood. It’s one thing to Judge someone/something and it’s another thing to...
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