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Basic Nahuatl Phrases & Greetings

Nahuatl Greetings
Hello:  Pialli (pee-ahh-lee)
Thank You:  Tlazocamati (tlah-so-cah-mah-tee)
It’s nothing:  Ahmitla (ahh-mee-tla)
And You\You as Well:  Huan Tah (wahn-tah)
Good:  Cualli (kwal-lee)
Very Good:  Cualli Cualli (kwal-lee, kwal-lee)
Not Good/Bad:  Amo Cualli (ah-moh kwah-lee)
Yes:  Quema (keh-ma)
No/not:  Amo (ah-mo)
Good Morning:  Cualli Tlaneci (kwal-lee tlah-nes-ee)
Good Afternoon:  Cualli Teotlac  (kwal-lee tay-oh-tlahk)
Good Night:  Cualli Yohualli (kwal-lee yoh-wah-lee)
Good Bye/See You Later:  Timo-itazke (tee-mo ee-tahz-keh) | Totazkeh (toh-tahs-keh)
Have a Good Day:  Ma Cualli Tonalli (mah kwal-lee toh-nah-lee)
Have a Good Night:  Ma Cualli Yohualli  (mah kwal-lee yo-wa-lee)
Be Well:  Ma Xipactinemi  (mah shee-pahk-tee-neh-mee)
I Love You Baby:  Nimitztlazohtla Noyollotzin (nee-meetz-tlah-zoh-tla  no-yoh-loht-seen)
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  • Ethian Sanchez

    Pialli, if you could maybe email me a few links where I could find books or tapes on Nahuatl, that would be appreciated greatly.

  • Myra

    How do you say… “Your my heart” in Nahuatl?

    • Noyollotl is saying “my heart” or “my love.” Tehuan, if I’m not msitaken is saying “you are.”. There might be a more revised version of taht word tho. Hope that helps.

  • jael

    Hello. I wanted to know more bout thr nahault language … where’s good websites or books to undetstand this language n so forth? Thank you

  • SERG

    Cualli Teotlac, I’m glad to see your website…keep up the cualli work. I go to Temazcal out here in Chicago. I don’t know where I would be without the traditions. Tlazocamti for spreading the traditions…..ometeotl!

  • Ometeotl tlazocamatli Qimich, cualli to see you again! Love what you’ve done with the website! Keep on keeping it real 🙂
    Ometeotl Blessings

  • NechPaktia miak n altepetlaklameh itech Zongolica Tepeyoh. Inin tlahtol kahki iksemi kualtzin

  • Saul Chacon Hinojos

    Cualli cualli ma inxitle tolteca ba Toluca =good good i am toltec from toluca .I like your site I was raised with the gift of our language and its important to keep our language if we come together as a large enough community we can be like our brothers and sisters in Cali and back home and honor our tribe to be recognisedby the tribes in the u.s after all we brought them with us

  • Esteban Baca

    Cualli tlanezi! Keep up the good work! Good to hear the voices of our ancestors working through good people. Gets old hearing our people talking bad about la danza, temezcal, and native american church beliefs. We in denver have a strong community that pray together both through the danza and also in our own N.A.C chapter called Teocalli tepeyolohtlan. Anyway thanks for your work! Mexica Tiahui! If ever out our way look us up.
    My facebook-capulli Baca. Apologies for the misspelling of kalpulli but fb wont let me fix for 60 days lol

  • Maria

    Does anyone know how to say “intention” in Nahuatl?

  • jerry villalobos

    Isn’t quema (yes) spelled like this Quena (yes) or what part of mexico langue is this from?

  • Joyce Melendez

    Can someone tell me how you spell Johanna in Nahuatl, please. I’m still trying to learn the language.

    • Do the etymology on Johanna first

  • Manny Arsiaga

    This website is DAF! I love it! Much love from the “Tlacatl-Tecuanotl”

  • Loulove04

    Cualli tlaneci no quetzali tecihuauh……What does this mean

  • Cruzito

    Pialli! Love this site ! I’m learning my original language *nahuatl * and I’m still a beginner but like some help learning about my people.
    I kno basic knowledge of my people love to learn more and the language.