Nahuatl Lessons

Basic Nahuatl Phrases | Greetings

Hello:  Pialli (pee-ahh-lee)
Thank You:  Tlazocamati (tlah-so-cah-mah-tee)
It’s nothing:  Ahmitla (ahh-mee-tla)
And You\You as Well:  Huan Tah (wahn-tah)
Good:  Cualli (kwal-lee)
Very Good:  Cualli Cualli (kwal-lee, kwal-lee)
Not Good/Bad:  Amo Cualli (ah-moh kwah-lee)
Yes:  Quema (keh-ma)
No/not:  Amo (ah-mo)
Good Morning:  Cualli Tlaneci (kwal-lee tlah-nes-ee)
Good Afternoon:  Cualli Teotlac  (kwal-lee tay-oh-tlahk)
Good Night:  Cualli Yohualli (kwal-lee yoh-wah-lee)
Good Bye/See You Later:  Timo-itazke (tee-mo ee-tahz-keh)
Have a Good Day:  Ma Cualli Tonalli (mah kwal-lee toh-nah-lee)
Have a Good Night:  Ma Cualli Yohualli  (mah kwal-lee yo-wa-lee)
Be Well:  Ma Xipactinemi  (mah shee-pahk-tee-neh-mee)
I Love You Baby:  Nimitztlazohtla Noyollotzin (nee-meetz-tlah-zoh-tla  no-yoh-loht-seen)
  • Ethian Sanchez

    Pialli, if you could maybe email me a few links where I could find books or tapes on Nahuatl, that would be appreciated greatly.

  • Myra

    How do you say… “Your my heart” in Nahuatl?

    • Quimichipilli

      Noyollotl is saying “my heart” or “my love.” Tehuan, if I’m not msitaken is saying “you are.”. There might be a more revised version of taht word tho. Hope that helps.

  • jael

    Hello. I wanted to know more bout thr nahault language … where’s good websites or books to undetstand this language n so forth? Thank you

  • SERG

    Cualli Teotlac, I’m glad to see your website…keep up the cualli work. I go to Temazcal out here in Chicago. I don’t know where I would be without the traditions. Tlazocamti for spreading the traditions…..ometeotl!

    • Quimichipilli

      Quema, thnak you. Don’t forget to share!

  • Chicahuac Necahuatl

    Ometeotl tlazocamatli Qimich, cualli to see you again! Love what you’ve done with the website! Keep on keeping it real :)
    Ometeotl Blessings

    • Quimichipilli

      likewise sister..thank you!

  • Tim Brown

    NechPaktia miak n altepetlaklameh itech Zongolica Tepeyoh. Inin tlahtol kahki iksemi kualtzin