Four Circles | Mexica Spirituality

The Four Circles

The second teaching reminding us how influential we can be, for better or worse, to the world around us.
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Circular Mentality

The foremost teaching on this website. All teachings refer back to this understanding.
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Distinguishing teh Teacher from the Teachings

Distinguishing the Teachings from the Teacher

Expand on the “teacher-student” relationship aspect of the “Protecting Yourself from Spiritual Predators” essay.
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tonantzin virgin guadalupe mexica

The “Other Guadalupe” | Catecismo Guadalupe

For those with the understanding that our ancestors were creative in the struggle to preserve our cultural inheritance, this is the English translation of the "Catecismo Guadalupe. "
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Mitote Journal Tolteca

The Mitote Journal

The Mitote Journal/Book is a stalking technique that helps us identify and regulate the thought patterns that trigger unnecessary drama in our lives.
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