Indian Tacos Mexica

Indian Tacos.. are Already Indian

Tacos are already Indian ok. Calling them "Indian" tacos is inferring that they are somehow not Native in the first place -- which is incorrect.
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Mexica History Lesson | Daniel Osuna

Video: 500 Years of Resistance

A Crash Course On The Past 520 Years Of Indigenous Colonization History..
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Ometeotl / Creator

Ometeotl Is The Most Popular Name By Which Most Contemporary Mexicas Refer to "God"..
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Mexica Telpochcalli | Indigenous Code of Ethics

Basic Ndgns Ethics

Compilation Of Basic Native-Indigenous Ethics and Examples of Conduct and Respectful Mannerisms.
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The Four Agreements

Contemporary Adaptation of Traditional Tolteca Philosophy And Worldview
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Mexica Four Directions | Medicine Wheel

The Four Directions

The fundamental center of Indigenous Worldview & Spirituality.
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Four Circles | Mexica Spirituality

The Four Circles

The second teaching reminding us how influential we can be, for better or worse, to the world around us.
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