Toltec Poem | Quimichipilli


Abyss of Loneliness I sit here with you.. again,

with my Tears that I only partially comprehend

with your Air of Divine Self-discovery that I really do appreciate

but,  why am I here.. again?

Never saw it coming, you’re pretty slick.

My reckless love style makes me easy to catch huh?

I’ve been stuck here before and know I will see myself out in time

So, what is it that you must Reveal to me This Time?

The Gods need me to Create

My Being aches and is drained

Please hurry with your message.



About the author

Quimichipilli is a fifth generation Chicanah hailing from Venice, CA. He's a former graffiti artist turned Web & Graphic Designer, promoting Ndgns Values and positive community culture. You can find him on and Twitter.